Onsite Support: USA (including Hawaii), Canada, Mexico and India
Oil Change – gear box, pitch drive, yaw drive (450+ WTG’s)
Dent removal (200+ WTG’s)
Tower exterior surface repair (200+ WTG’s)
Flange repair (250+ tower sections)
  Flange weld modification
  Ovality checks and repair
  Resurfacing and NDT
Cable tray retrofit (880+ WTG’s)
Gear Box Replacement
Cable removal & replacement (60 tower sections)
Cable restraint retrofit (144 WTG’s)
Buss-Bar repair (150+ WTG’s)
Site Preparation (600+ WTG’s)
  Port of Houston
  Port of Longview
  Port of Freeport
  Port of St. Paul
  Port of Menominee
  Galena Park
Platform fabrication, and replacement
Weld repair (500+ tower sections)

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